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Simply a better, faster way to do business

CircleSource.com will be your trusted business "circle" for you to "source" the right skills for your specialist business needs and efficiently manage your professional service provider engagements in one application. As a provider of professional services, follow the buyer marketplace and be sourced for business engagements matched directly to the skills, services, dates, times and locations that suit you.

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Thank you to everyone who read our last post and responded with such encouragement to our new online professional service marketplace CircleSource. The interest in www.circlesource.com.au has really been amazing.

CircleSource is a B2B professional services online market place. Our aim is to make doing business easy by enabling you to identify and engage quality providers of professional services you need.

Think about how you currently source the specialist capabilities a business needs across all key business functions. That’s how CircleSource will help you. It’s not just about Human Capital services, its Finance, Facilities and Property Management, IT, Marketing, Communications, Risk Management, Sales ………and much more. Read more…

What is CircleSource?

Every year, businesses need to bring in specialist professional service providers to augment the great capabilities they have inside their organisations. These professionals deliver specialist pieces of work or develop critical programs necessary to ensure successful business outcomes. In my world they could be executive coaches, facilitators of leadership programs or strategy meetings, health and safety experts, training providers, remuneration specialists, salary packaging providers, systems developers…the list goes on!

How do I find these specialists who will understand my needs and that of my business? Specialists who are recognised for the services and outcomes they deliver and specialists I can see have a proven track record of success? Good question. Usually it’s challenging and time consuming. Like most of you, I turn to my close circles and networks for referrals…and even then I’m still not confident.

That’s where CircleSource.com.au comes in… Read more…

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